Pete Reardon
Sports Photographer, specializing in Cycle Sports and Auto Racing.
Location:  Connecticut, United States.

About Me:
I'm a passionate cyclist and motorsports photographer based in Connecticut. With my camera in hand, I capture the adrenaline-pumping action of both bicycle racing and auto racing
Whether it's the grueling climbs of a cyclocross hill or the heart-stopping sprints of a criterium, I love being at the heart of the cycling action. My photography is all about capturing the raw emotion and athleticism of cyclists pushing their limits. a lifelong cyclist myself, and I bring that passion and understanding to my photography. I know the sacrifices riders make, the dedication they have, and the pure joy of riding a bike. I love to be in the thick of the action, getting up close and personal with the riders to capture the grit, determination, and joy of racing.  I'm always on the hunt for that perfect shot that tells the story of the race.
Auto Racing:
The roar of engines, the smell of burnt rubber, the blur of cars whipping around a track - there's nothing quite like the thrill of auto racing. I'm fascinated by the technology, the strategy, and the skill of the drivers. I strive to capture the drama and speed of motorsport in my photos, putting viewers right in the driver's seat from behind my camera.
Beyond the Lens:
When I'm not behind the camera, I'm usually on my own bike, exploring the quiet roads and challenging hills of Connecticut. I also love spending time with my family and friends, cheering on my favorite teams, and tinkering with my cameras.
I'm always looking for new stories to tell, new challenges to overcome, and new ways to share my love of cycling and auto racing with the world.
Here are some of the things that make me unique:
A cyclist's perspective: I understand the sport from the inside out, which gives my photography a unique perspective.
A passion for speed: I'm not afraid to get up close and personal with the action, whether it's on two wheels or four.
An eye for detail: I capture the small moments that make up the bigger story, from the sweat on a rider's face to the tire tracks on the asphalt.
A storyteller: I use my photos to tell the stories of the athletes, the teams, and the fans who make up the world of cycling and auto racing.
I'm always looking for new ways to connect with other cycling and auto racing fans. Feel free to follow me on social media or drop me a line at [your email address].
Thanks for reading!
I'm always looking for new ways to connect with other cycling and car enthusiasts. If you're in the Connecticut area, be sure to reach out and say hello!
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