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 Since our formation and transition from the UK, to California and now to Connecticut we have been fortunate in getting involved and attending many sports, all of which have allowed us to pursue our passion of action photography. Throughout these years we have focused (sic) on our main area if interest of cycle based competitions. This has covered road racing in California, cross country racing in many States and downhill gravity racing on both coasts. Our aim is to capture the adrenaline in an image, along with the exhilaration of competition and the triumph of speed and power. Maybe with a bit of serious air thrown in! This mission takes us to motor sports events, water based events as well as all forms of bike racing. Having family members participate in many events allows us better insight to the sport all of which we try to capture with our images. Equally its allows us to visit some very beautiful parts of the Country which we try to combine with the action. Please review our web site to gain a flavor of what we do and check out specific galleries based upon the type of sport on these pages.  We hope you enjoy our images and see the passion. In this modern day we use all means of communication, but whatever method you choose we will respond with high level of customer satisfaction we guarantee. So go ahead and email us or, or give us some feedback on our pictures or our site, we love feedback. Or maybe check us out on Facebook (search for SubiSnaps) and like us there. If you want something we haven't offered let us know, if you want us to photograph your sports event, just tell us and we will arrange it. We love actions sports and photography so much, you won’t be able to keep us away. If your a business promoting an event. Let us try and help you, we love the challenge, the grass roots stuff and best of all the people we meet who just love to get out there, have fun and compete!  Email us at: and don't forget to like SubiSnaps Photography Service On Facebook or Twitter

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