Bishops Orchards Cycle-Cross 2018
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 Bishops Orchard CX Round #7 Sunday 25th November 2018 We believe this is the first time this location has held a round of cycle cross, it was certainly the first time we have been there. It goes without saying that following a night of rain and a venue with a river running through it. Guess there might be a bit of water and mud. The effort we saw from all the competitors just to traverse the flats across the meadow and along the bank was immense. Great strength to you all. The downhills sections even seemed hard work due the mud and grass. There was a good variety of elevation we thought, but with that steep section at rear of the course just seemed a really hard challenge. We think it was one of the hardest courses this year we have visited, but still all of you seemed to finish strong - A great event for the last round of the Championship. As always thanks to all the competitors and sponsors for a well attended and great event. We really enjoyed it and the weather played it part to. A Glorious day. Just click the SmugMug link below for this or any event listed to see the full selection of images available. Thank you for providing some great racing, entertainment and developing some new friends this season. The SubiSnaps Team November 2018 #2

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