October 2018


Belltown CX Round #4

Saturday 20th October 2018


This is the first time we went to this location in East Hampton,  and found it to be a good course. The weather for photography could have been better, but for racing it seemed ideal. The course was a lot of flat sections, but with some serious gravel and a few really serious uphill sections. Most racers we spoke to found it good, albeit we did see many riders take a few tumbles on the loose gravel and on some of the hills - Hope all of you are OK and nothing hurts too much this week.


Many thanks to Airline Cycles and Stage 1 Cycling for supporting and organizing a cool event. We got there early to watch the juniors, so please look at the images in our smug-mug galleries and hope you enjoy them. Thanks again to all who competed.


Hope to meet and capture you all again at the next round.


The SubiSnaps Team


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