Cheshire Cycle-Cross 2018
Belltown Cycle-Cross 2018
Mansfield Hollow Cycle-Cross 2018
KMC Crossfest - Thompson 2018
Newtown Cycle-Cross - 2018
 Cheshire CX Round #6 Saturday 3rd November 2018 This event is in our backyard so to speak and we have been photographing it for many years now. The course is a great one in our book, as it has a great mix of flat and turns, along with woodland trails with elevation allowing for some serious speed downhill and of course "The Hill" Weather was a bit miserable at the start of the day but got better after lunch. A great field of competitors and some great races within races was noted. We actually missed the Masters this time, sorry to you guys. But did get there in time for the Juniors. Plenty of mud and water in the morning. As always thanks to all the competitors and Cheshire Cycles for a well attended and great event. (Was that Ben Wolfe in the Jelly Belly kit?) Just click the SmugMug link below for this or any event listed to see the full selection of images available. The SubiSnaps Team November 2018

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